A small single layer 6 inch cake serves about 4 and it is only $15

A two layer 6 inch cake will serve about 6 and it is $30

A single layer 8 inch cake will serve about 6 and it is $20

A double layer 8 inch cake will serve about 10 to 12 and it is $43

Cupcakes – chocolate, strawberry or vanilla swirl icing - $2.00each -    

To all cake prices we add a small  credit card processing charge.  All cakes must be prepaid at time of order.

Order by phone or text message to 614-789-0804. 

Special flavors such as BTS Chocolate, Lemon, Almond Vanilla and the dozen others on our web site are still available by special order, but they are not for immediate pick up.

Dublin Cake Cottage

a cottage  industry


located in Shawnee Hills OH  just across the Scioto River from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Our specialties

custom made 



and cookies

The best brownies you will

ever eat and killer lemon bars.

If you want a truly awesome dessert for any occasion, try one of our delicious cakes. We bake nearly every day for special orders. 

Call us any time - our hours are your hours. 

You can find us on MapQuest, but Please Call OR text message              for an Appointment.  614-789-0804

Cakes to Go

We are now offering small cakes that are frozen, but available for quick pick up.  The defrost time is about one to two hours – perfect to pick one up and serve after dinner.  By the time the meal is finished – the cake will be ready to serve.  These cakes are in our standard flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.  Icing is our famous Dublin Cake Cottage Butter Cream with a variety of accent decorations – similar to the samples shown here.  We will also offer two layer six and eight inch cakes and cupcakes.