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Good morning.  You created the wonderful cookie monster cake for my son Liam's first birthday and attached is a photo.

Unfortunately, Liam was not interested in smashing nor eating much of the cake so we broke it down for him a bit.  

I think all the people was a little overwhelming for him.

We all enjoyed the cake very much so thank you for a wonderful birthday treat!

Dana Horan

Dear Carol,

We can’t thank you enough for the PHENOMENAL wedding cake you designed and baked for our daughter’s wedding at the end of May! It was exactly what we had in mind, and my daughter and her husband were wowed upon seeing it for the first time. The all-natural ingredients, the perfectly flavored vanilla cake and the butter cream frosting all combined to make our wedding cake a HUGE hit with our guests. So many of them asked, “Where did you FIND a cake like this?!” (Of course, I told them!) THE CAKE continued as a topic of conversation throughout the reception as guests came back for seconds (and some, for thirds). We were able to rescue the top layer to preserve for the bride & groom’s first anniversary, thank goodness! 

Thank you again! We will be in to pick up the birthday cake we ordered this afternoon!
Robin Miller

Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for the cake.  It was great!  Not only did it look exactly as I would have wanted it to, it was so delicious!  Everyone was raving about it!  You mihgt want to touch base with Kathy, the banquet manager at LaScala.  She knew the bakery's prior owner and didn't realize you had taken over.  Apparently she would recommend her to people looking for a bakery for a formal cake since they don't offer that... I'm not entirely sure... but I thought I'd let you know.
Thanks again!

Judi Houpert


Thanks so much.  I called Kathy and she was delighted to learn that we will be carrying on the Dublin Cake Cottage tradition.


Hello Carol!
The cupcakes were OUTSTANDING and quite a hit.  They were oh-so-moist and the icing was perfect.  Thank you for your great work.  I will gladly recommend you to others when a bakery is needed. 

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Best regards,



RE: Flip-Flop cookies‏


 Christine M


shawnee Hills Bakery (

The cookies were a huge hit! They exceeded our expectations. As we were passing out the cake, people would also grab the cookie to make sure they didn't forgot their shower favor. Not only were the cookies adorable - they tasted so good! One guest called the bride on her way home to tell her how good the cookie tasted!
Thank you so much, Carol. I really appreciate all your hard work.
I will be sure to send some more business your way!

Dawn M said...

Sharon, Thank you for teaching the Cake Decorating 1 Course! It's clear that you put a great deal of time and thought in to planning the course and getting materials ready for us. The flow of your lesson plans, as well as the real "tools of the trade" made it interesting and exciting to come to classes. It was a privilege to learn from you; given your expertise. It takes a great deal of talent to teach others as well as you do - especially when you're as good at it as you are. Looking forward to the next course! Dawn

Angel Kerr said...

The cake was a hit, thank you again. I did give some of your cards out, so hopefully it will bring you some business. Angel

Bren Pawlak said...

Carol, Everything was great and there were a lot of compliments on them. Thank you so much for doing the last minute cake. I have someone returning the display back to you on Friday. Is that ok? Thanks, Bren Bren Pawlak Nestle Direct Store Delivery Company

Trisha Bridger said...

Hi Carol, I just wanted to say “Thank You” for doing such a wonderful job on my daughter’s birthday cake. It made it to the party in one piece (whew!) and my daughter absolutely loved it! The cake tasted wonderful – the icing had just the right amount of sweetness and the cake was extremely moist. I definitely shall be contacting you for my future cake needs and will refer you to my friends and family for theirs. J The one lesson I learned is to not get a tiered cake unless I have it delivered. It was a little nerve racking travelling with it and by the time I got it to the final destination the top layer had started to sink and lean to one side. I’ve attached the picture I took at the bakery. I haven’t downloaded the pictures from this weekend yet but can send you one later. Thanks again, Trisha