Special Cake Flavors, add .25 per serving 

  1.  Almond Vanilla
  2.  Mandarin Orange
  3.  Banana
  4.  Peanut Butter
  5.  Banana Cinnamon
  6.  Pumpkin
  7.  Buckeye (chocolate/peanut butter marble)
  8.  Red Velvet
  9. Chocolate Orange
  10. Snickerdoodle
  11. Chocolate Cinnamon
  12. Sour Cream Vanilla
  13. Chocolate Hazelnut
  14.  White Chocolate Raspberry
  15. Dulce de Leche
  16. White Chocolate
  17.  Italian Creme
  18.  Jack Daniels Spice
  19. Kahlua Fudge

Gourmet Cake Flavors  (add .50 per serving)

  1.  Black Forrest (chocolate/cherry)
  2.  German's Chocolate
  3.  Carrot
  4.  Hummingbird (banana, pineapple, pecans)
  5.  Chiffon (vanilla, chocolate, Kahlua, fruit)
  6.  Irish Cream
  7.  Frangelica Hazelnut
  8.  Key Lime
  9.   Fresh Coconut
  10.  Pistachio
  11. BTS Chocolate
  12.  Cherry Vanilla

Gourmet Fillings, add .50 per serving 

  1. Fresh Champagne Peach
  2. Raspberry Butter cream
  3. Raspberry Chambord Mousse

Planning for your special day is a big part of making your wedding the most memorable for the two of you.

You will be concerned with lots of details; the gowns for you and your attendants, the location of the ceremony, the venue for your reception, the caterer, the florist, the musical entertainment…..the lists go on and on.  Let us take one worry off of that your list…

Your cake(s)* 

Our wedding cakes start at $3.50 a slice for standard flavors. Special flavors, fillings, designs, delivery and set up might affect this price. We do not charge for rental of the equipment that goes with the cake. More important than the price, however, is to determine that we have a fit that is comfortable to all involved.  Your cake will be an important part of your wedding memories and you need to be confident that we will do the job you want.  

The first step is to call us for an appointment for a consultation.   We will meet with you and your fiancé and determine if we are the right baker to create the cake of your dreams. This meeting is important because once you select us you need to be confident that we will do the job correctly.  Then comes the tasting.   Once you have chosen the cake flavor(s) and filling flavor(s), you can sit back and relax.   About the cake part that is.  Our experienced bakers and decorators will bake the cake, decorate it and deliver* it to your reception site on time and looking stunning.  Well not as stunning as you will look in your gown, but close.

*Carry out wedding cakes are also available for the budget-minded bride.   Sizes and styles are limited.

Here are standard  cake and filling flavors you can choose from:

Standard Cake flavors (included in the price of the cake):

  1. Chocolate
  2. Lemon
  3. Strawberry
  4. Vanilla/Chocolate Marble
  5. Vanilla
  6. Yellow/Chocolate Marble
  7. Yellow

Standard Fillings (slight additional charge):

  1. Raspberry Jam
  2. Strawberry Jam
  3. Pineapple
  4. Lemon
  5. Blueberry
  6. Cherry
  7. Vanilla Bavarian
  8. Chocolate Bavarian 

    Icings included are Butter Cream and

    Chocolate Butter Cream. 

    Other Icings will be quoted at time of consultation.  We will not do butter cream icings for outdoor receptions during the summer months.

    *We do Grooms Cakes Too

    Wedding Cake Planning